It feels like a firework; starting from nothing, sizzling under the surface.
Gently at first, then bursting into a million beautiful lights.
Beginning at the core, as it always does, slowly radiating outwards until there it is.
Unable to be ignored, excitingly obvious, yet shockingly unforeseen.
Minutes dissolve into hours, then days – nothing changes in those early stages.
Eager to last, that explosive sensation; but will it? Does it ever?
Different from the others, a guilty pleasure perhaps.
Early stages. Early stages.
I wonder,
if the breeze carried you
and sent you rustling through the leaves,
would I still look up at the sound of your whisper,
gentle in the morning sun?
Or was it purely the fact that you were a tornado
that caught my attention,
as you destroyed everything in your path?
Time changed what needed to be changed.
Promises were made, only to be broken, and then made again.
Hearts began to beat once more, a rhythm forming, slow and steady.
Lost puzzle pieces slotted back together.
It was the same but somehow different. Wonderful yet terrifying.
And when the fireworks returned, though they were familiar,
they were no less dazzling.
The laughter subsides, walls crumbling.
There is silence.
Dark, like the green of her eyes.
All that was held back crashes forth,
bursting free into a thousand flecks of gold.
Just as precious and even more beautiful.
To think, it all began with a smile.