It’s beautiful down here.
All around me is vibrancy;
Blues, greens, yellows and oranges.
It baffles me that so many are afraid of what lurks
Beneath the surface of this spectacular mass.
How many miss out on this natural phenomenon
As a result of fear?
Looking up, I can see the sun glistening.
Bright and optimistic, the rays cut through the water,
Warming my skin, beckoning me up to the surface,
To dry land, to air.
I hazard a glance below;
It is dark and murky.
The mysteriousness of the unknown sparks my curiosity,
The safety of above long forgotten.
As I swim lower, I feel exhilarated.
I fear nothing, the oceanic hues still vivid in my mind.
It really is beautiful down here.
And as water fills my lungs and my vision starts to blur,
I thank God I have witness such a spectacle.

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